Designing websites for law firms requires understanding of the legal world and of the clients that attorneys work with. It’s important to create a website that potential clients or businesses will find easy to navigate as well as informative.

At the same time, it is also important to make sure quality SEO design is implemented into the law firm website as well. After all, if a person cannot find the website, it is not serving its purpose to get clients in contact with the law firm. Quality web design, an informative blog, and a law firm site that feels welcoming to potential clients is vital. Additionally, there are a variety of sections you should include on a site for legal purposes, such as:

  • Information on all of the attorneys in the firm
  • Credentials of the law firm
  • Areas of practice the firm specializes in
  • Testimonials from clients or businesses who have worked with the firm


A well designed website backed by a skilled web development team can create a very strong first impression for site visitors. A great website shows people that a law firm is serious about its work, professional, and able to deliver quality service.

A poorly designed site can turn potential clients off immediately upon visiting. If the site isn’t working properly or does not provide adequate information, it will reflect poorly on the firm and deter further inquiries. Some issues to avoid:

  • Too many/oversized images
  • High-tech website design with Java and flash
  • Information irrelevant to the law firm


Epic Web Results understands the legal field’s requirements from an online perspective. They have worked with many successful law firms to help them create the best legal websites they could have. A well-planned, informative, and well-designed site will improve a law firm’s reputation online as well as in person, as it brings more and more clients in. Contact Epic Web Results for more information about law firm website design today.